Capital Campaign FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions – Capital Campaign

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Stained Glass:

What is the plan for accomplishing the renovation of all the Sanctuary Stained Glass?

We plan to do the work in phases, as recommended by the State Historical Society and as generosity allows.

We are working in partnership with the historical society. However, even with available grant funding, in order to perform a complete restoration of all of the stained glass windows, our share of the cost is estimated to be around $300,000.

Due to exposure and overall condition, work will begin on the west side of the church as this is the side most at risk. Restoration of the remaining windows will be completed as funding is available.


Do we really need to replace all the parsonage windows?

The windows are original to the parsonage, and therefore are drafty and not energy efficient. In addition, a large amount of noise is present from proximity to the alley and West 32nd Avenue.  New windows would also reduce noise influence for the families residing in the parsonage.

Have we considered an evaporative cooling system for the third floor offices and sanctuary for Denver’s hottest months?  

An evaporative cooling system is not a viable option for the church.  Excessive moisture in a building of this age would have a negative impact on the wood and the organ.  Trustees will continue to explore the option of attic fans or other viable cooling systems  in the future.

What else physically needs to be done to help maintain the church for the future?

The Trustees keep a regularly updated list of projects that need to be tended to around the church:  both short-term and long-term.  These projects will be addressed as funds are available.


What do we intend to do with the property the Garage is on?

We believe the garage has great potential to expand our ministry into the community. Currently, one idea for is an after school meeting space for both HUMC and community groups that may have a need for usable space.  Other uses may include: a gallery space for local artists, a place for support groups and book clubs, an after school meeting place for teens, or transitional space for a family in need or crisis .  These are just a few of the ideas that are up for consideration.  Whatever the final use, the renovation brings new life to an old building.

Will we have any parking spaces still available? 

Yes, there are no plans to lose our great parking.

General Capital Campaign Questions:

Does this contribution replace my regular pledged giving (or tithing) each Sunday?

No, the capital campaign is additional to regular giving to the church.  Regular giving allows for the daily operation of the church and its ministry. While the capital campaign allows us to improve the home where all belong.  Your most important gift to HUMC is the financial gift that you make to the ongoing ministry.

What will we do with any funds in excess of those required to complete the four items listed for the campaign?

As with any building of its age, needs remain beyond the current campaign. If additional funding is available, Trustees will allocate money to additional projects.

Although the congregation is over 100 years old, the north portion of the building (sanctuary and fellowship hall) was constructed in the 1920s and the education wing was completed in the 1950s.

Will we incur any debt as we address these four projects?

We are considering funding the start of the project through a loan that will not be greater than the pledges and gifts received by Commitment Sunday, November 20, 2016.

How long is the Building a Home Where All Belong Campaign?

The campaign period lasts for three years, January 2017 through December 2019.

I am interested in making a gift to help move the project forward. When can I give my gift and what can I give? 

Commitment Sunday, when members of the congregation will be asked to pledge their financial commitment to this project is November 20.  You can also make a pledge online

If you have a gift that you would like to offer before or after this time frame you are welcome to do so. Gifts can include cash, stocks, bonds, property, precious metals, jewelry, or other valuable items. One can also choose to leave a legacy gift for the on-going upkeep of the building through one’s will or trust. If you have a specific question, please don’t hesitate to contact Brad Laurvick for a confidential conversation.

How are the pledges paid? 

It is up to the individual making the pledge how they want to give.  Many individuals will break up their total gift and make weekly or monthly offerings toward their pledge over the three years of the campaign. Some persons may give their pledge in one payment or several larger payments, due to special circumstances, or for tax reasons.  The “how” varies according to each individual’s specific situation.

By what date do I need to fulfill my commitment? 

Any giving beyond the end of 2019 will be used to support the ongoing and future ministry.  Donations may be given to Ongoing Ministry, the Memorial Fund or the Endowment Fund.

What if my job situation changes or I have a crisis?

If you are in crisis, please call Brad for pastoral support.

As to your pledge, it is a declaration of a persons intention to give based on their current situation. Circumstances change affecting ones campaign pledge.  The change may require decreasing or increasing the financial commitment.  If a change to your pledge is necessary, please contact

Who can best answer specific questions related to my campaign gift and my tax situation?

Your tax advisor will be the best source of information regarding the tax implications of your gift.

 How will you keep Operating/Capital Monies separate?

A separate bank account has been established for the Capital Campaign.

How will we be asked to participate?

Every person who feels a connection to Highlands UMC will be asked to do three things:

  • Pray daily: “God, what do you want to do through me?”
  • After praying daily, you will be asked to make a sacrificial gift to the Building a Home Where All Belong Capital Campaign on November 20, 2016. Remember the saying, “Not equal gifts…but equal commitment.”  These capital campaign gifts will be given across a three-year period from January 2017 through December 2019.
  • Also on November 20, you will be asked to indicate your annual stewardship pledge.  We usually have our annual stewardship pledge made in October, but are combining the process this year with our capital campaign for convenience. (There will be two different sections to our commitment cards, one for the 2017 church ministry, and a second for the capital campaign.)

How can I learn more specifics about the campaign? 

All Finance and Trustee meetings are open to the public.  Finance mets the 2nd Tuesday of every month, Trustees the 1st Thursday.  If you have specific questions related to the campaign please contact one of the campaign leadership team members.

What can I do next?

If you have questions, please contact a member of the leadership team or send an email.  Then, pray. Pray for the church and its future. Pray asking, “God, how do you want me to respond to this invitation, or make an impact, for the capital campaign, Building a Home Where all Belong?”