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Current Events Discussion Group

There is a lot going on in our world right now. One of the blessings of community is talking together to process, discern, and be creative in how we respond to life. We are beginning a Current Events Discussion Group for just that reason. Join us for our first session tonight, Monday, January 30th at…

Connecting Through Shared Journeys

We’d like to get to know you better! Throughout the next several weeks, we’ll be meeting twice in small groups (of no more than 8 people) to share the stories of our life journeys. Wherever you’ve been and wherever you’re going, we’d love to connect with you. If you’d like to participate and/or host a group…

Ice Skating at Skyline Park

Join us for an afternoon of skating on Sunday, January 22nd! Highlands UMC families will be there from 1 to 2pm. Bring your own skates to skate for free, or rent skates for $2/pair. Skyline Park is located near the clock tower on the 16th Street Mall.

Marching for Human Rights

On Saturday, January 21st, we will field a delegation to march under a Highlands UMC banner in the Women’s March on Denver. A sister march to the Women’s March on Washington, D.C., the event is “sponsored by women, for everyone.” Its mission is to defend the basic human rights of all people. To learn more about…

Fire on the Mountain for a Cause

On Tuesday, January 17th, eat with our neighbors at Fire on the Mountain for a good cause! A generous 10% of sales will benefit Building a Home Where All Belong and our garage renovation project.

Sweet Cow for a Cause

On Monday, January 9th, from 4 to 8pm, Reverend Brad will be “guest scooping” at Sweet Cow ice cream. 10% of sales will benefit local children’s charities, so have as much as you like! Sweet Cow is located on the northeast corner of 32nd & Lowell.

A Special Christmas Service

Special “Blue Christmas” Service This Sunday at 7pm we will have a special worship service that is deeply meaningful. The holiday season can bring up all sorts of feelings- sadness, anger, anxiety, grief… This service creates space for these very real feelings. Reflection, communion, prayer, lighting candles, and intentional music create an evening that allows…


A visit from the bishop this Sunday, updates on upcoming events, and a great story to share. View this email in your browser Receive the Gift of Peace Each week of Advent offers us another gift, inviting us to let our souls feel their worth. This week we celebrate Peace- something every individual life and…


Tree lighting rescheduled for Wednesday, a message of Hope, an invitation to meet the Bishop, and a story about our Tweens View this email in your browser A Week of Hope Last Sunday we began the Advent season reminded of the Hope offered to us and the world. We were invited to let our souls…

Our New Bishop to Preach at Highlands December 4th

We are incredibly honored to have the newly elected bishop of the Mountain Sky Area, Rev. Dr. Karen Oliveto, joining us for worship this coming Sunday, December 4th. She will bring a message of love and a call to service. She will also serve communion and baptize Rev Brad and Meghan Laurvick’s daughter, Grace. Bishop…