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Holy Thursday April 2nd 7PM

Highlands United Methodist Church celebrates Holy Thursday at 7:00 PM on April 2, 2015, with a powerful, reflective, communion service highlighting the last week of Jesus’ life on Earth. This service celebrates both Maundy (or Holy Thursday) and Good Friday. During the service, we will celebrate Jesus’ life with communion.  Then we will strip the…

Palm Sunday Pancakes Support Missions!

Every year on Palm Sunday the best Highlands United Methodist Church Pancake Chefs gather to serve breakfast. The proceeds go to support the work of the United Methodist Committee on Relief- UMCOR is the global relief agency to the United Methodist Church and is known globally as a trusted organization to meet the needs of people who have…

Save the Date!! Vacation Bible School July 13-17

Save the date!!!  Vacation Bible School comes to Highlands United Methodist Church from 9AM to Noon from July 13th to July 17th.  Look for registration for children 3 thru 8 in the near future! Games, stories, crafts, science experiments, and more await children from the congregation and the neighborhood. There will also be a class for…

New Dishwasher

In case you haven’t noticed, Highlands United Methodist Church has something new! After almost 50 years it is time… for a new Dishwasher!  Fast forward to the energy efficient, FASTER, and more efficient dishwasher.  In the same place as the old, the new, especially easy to operate, commercial dishwasher meets our current needs and gives us…

Children w/ Social Challenges? Parental Support Group

Highlands United Methodist Church Is proud to partner with community organizations and groups that serve the needs of families in Highlands and NorthWest Denver. SuccessfullySocial offers a Free support group for parent of children with social challenges. Here is a little about them… There next meeting is Monday the 23rd.   Parenthood, with all of…

One Great Hour of Sharing

Highlands United Methodist Church will participate in One Great Hour of Sharing on Sunday, March 15th. For more than 50 years, United Methodist congregations have been taking part in a special One Great Hour of Sharing offering, laying the foundation for the United Methodist Committee on Reflief‘s (UMCOR’s) ministry of relief and hope. Donations UMCOR…

N. Denver Tribune highlights Rev. Brad

For those of you who don’t receive the North Denver Tribune, you missed a great article about our Pastor, Bradley Laurvick (there is a link to the article below).  It praises Highlands United Methodist Church’s efforts to become more inclusive and neighborhood focused congregation.  The article also mentions our successful efforts to become better financial stewards of our physical church…

Honoring Life – Kindness for Auden

Dear friends and neighbors, March 8th will be the second anniversary of our son’s birth and death. He only lived for four short hours, but he will always be a part of us. To honor his life, we are asking everyone who wants to participate to do a random act of kindness on his birthday. We…

Peanut Butter and Jelly Ministry

One of the ongoing projects of our Mission Team at Highlands United Methodist Church in the Highlands of Denver, is the Peanut Butter and Jelly Ministry.  Faithful members meet on the Fourth Saturday of every month at 10:45 in the church kitchen to make Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches and pack lunches for the Hungry….

Tweens and Youth Fellowship

Brandon Cauthon, our Children’s and Youth Minister at Highlands United Methodist Church says: “The children of Highlands United Methodist embody the spirit of true community.  Their contiguous laughter, curiosity and energy truly shine as a bright light into the life of our church”. We had ten Tweens/Youth come out for our Hide and Seek Night!…