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DenUM Work Groups hosted at Highlands United Methodist Church

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Throughout the summer, our church will be hosting several week long DenUM work groups. DenUM provides a Hands on Educational and Service opportunity to youth and adults interested in improving the Denver Community and taking the knowledge learned here back to their own communities.  DenUM takes pride in strong relationships with local non-profits and churches like Highland United Methodist on 32nd St. in the Denver Highlands.

DenUM groups will be working in poverty prone areas in Denver during the daytime and bunking at Highlands United Methodist at night.  As one of their goals is to invite people into “conversation with poverty”, these groups will get hands on experience working in the field.

Johanna Bishop, Urban Education Manager, of DenUM says that “having a church in the Highlands gives kids an approachable place to stay.”  DenUM groups appreciate dependable churches such as Highlands United Methodist church, one that they can be confident that their needs will be met and that we will provide answers to their questions and help if they run into a problem.

If you would like more information about DenUM and its work in the Denver community you can find out more at:

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