Classes and Studies

Here’s a quick look at upcoming classes and studies.

All our opportunities are open to all people. As exact dates and times are established, they will be listed here.

Upcoming Class Topics:

Confirmation – for Youth
Confirmation – for adults
Gardening Workshop

Recent classes:

Homosexuality and the Bible (This class is available online- both written and audio.)
What did the early church think about Jesus? – Writings of the Apostolic Fathers
Poverty and Action – Considering what we can do about issues of homelessness and hunger
Genesis – A survey of the first book of the Bible
Green Church – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rejoice! A look at how we can care for creation
Intro To The Bible – From where it came from, to what’s inside, an intro level overview of the Bible
Prayer: An introduction and exploration of different prayer types