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Sunday, September 13, 2020         Lyrics and text will appear in the livestream

Manna and Mercy- a sermon series walking through the Bible

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Leader: This is the day the Lord has made;
People: Let us rejoice and be glad in it.


Prelude and Bringing in the Light

Call to Worship

One: Throughout the ages, God has spoken
All: Through prophets and apostles, through authors known and those whose names have been lost to time.
One: Words that speak of who God is and what God desires,
All: Words of love, justice, and hope.
One: Stories that tell of God’s relationship with humanity,
All: Of God’s faithful presence throughout all of life’s ups and downs.
One: Through the stories we find in our scriptures and the stories we are living today,
All: God is still speaking…


Hymn of Praise       “Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah” UMH 127


Time with the Children

Prayers of the People

Stories from Home What’s been hard and what’s been hopeful?
The Hergenreders; The DAveys


Prayer Song       “You Are My Hiding Places” TFWS 2055


Hymn of Preparation     “Wilderness Wandering People”      W&S 3113


Scripture                   Exodus 16

The Shared Word         Manna and Mercy”
Rev. Bradley Laurvick


A Time of Giving Back – support our day-to-day ministries through online giving

Offertory Prayer

In response to the love you have given us, God, we offer here what we have, what we do, and even more who we are, that our generosity might transform the world.

Offertory & Music Ministry 

Doxology             UMH 94


Sending Prayer

God who has spoken, God who is s speaking, inspire Your message within us this day. May the words of the past bring forth a future with hope and may the stories of old encourage us as we live our own stories. As we make our way through life, may we find encouragement and instruction in the scriptures. We ask Your blessing upon our reading and interpretation as we seek to live out the love, acceptance, justice and hope we find there.


Hymn     “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” UMH 140




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UMH – United Methodist Hymnal – the red hymnal
TFWS – The Faith We Sing – the black hymnal
W&S – Worship and Song – the green hymnal