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Mountains at Sloans Lake

Here is a glimpse of our own Denver neighborhood’s “Purple Mountain Majesty”over Sloan’s Lake.

During the month of July, the congregation of Highlands United Methodist Church will be focusing on the Seasons of Creation.  The hymn, “America the Beautiful will be the inspiration.  If you haven’t read the history of this hymn recently, you can find it here.  July 13th the sermon title will be “Amber Waves of Grain”.  The title for July 20 will be “Purple Mountain Majesty” and the sermon for July 27 will focus on “Above the Fruited Plain”.

In this “ordinary time” between Pentecost and Advent we will spend some time contemplating and giving thanks for God’s Creations.  The church parament color (for the banners, stoles, and such) for this time in the church year is Green.  Consequently, we will also highlight the work Green Team at Highland’s United Methodist Church.  Their concentration is the Stewardship of God’s Great Creation by Sharing, Conserving, and Respecting the Bounty of the Earth.  This year the Green Team will be making an effort to engage both the congregation but the surrounding neighborhood in their efforts.

As the fruit trees start to bear fruit, the team will contact our neighbors and offer to help harvest the fruit from local neighborhood trees.  Donated fruit will then be canned or otherwise preserved so it can be donated to the food bank.  What a wonderful way to Share in the Bounty of the God’s creation and touch our community at the same time.  Look for future stories about the Green Team and their Annual Pot Luck Dinner!

Join us in worship as we contemplate the Seasons of Creation and our beloved United States of America.

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