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Staff Holiday Letter

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Staff Christmas Letter

It has been a wonderful year and we are all grateful for the chance to serve the congregation and community together. Working in a place like Highlands UMC is an honor and privilege- to love what we do and know it makes a difference is a gift. We are grateful for all of the ways you support the ministry of the congregation and our efforts as your staff. We wish you a meaningful and joyful new year.

•Rev. Brad Laurvick, Pastor
•Brandon Cauthon, Director of Congregational Engagement
•Ginny Perlman, Director of Childrens’ Ministry & Office Manager
•Geri Baca, Preschool Director
•Valerie Recore, Director of Community Engagement
•Joy Jenkins, Director of Music
•Peder Sill, Accompanist
•Samuel Rafiq, Minister of Building Hospitality
•Cheryl Dial, Finance and Bookkeeping

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