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Hymns for Summer Worship

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Summertime Worship Services at Highlands Methodist Church will include hymn sings.  Yes, we always sing at church but we don’t always get a direct say in what we sing.  The suggestion line is open for your favorite hymn to be considered for worship.  Rather than do all of the verses of one hymn we will be doing specific verses of suggested hymns.   This way we can get to sing more Hymns during our Worship hour on Sunday. If you have a favorite hymn write it on the list at the end of the snack table or email your suggestion to Cliff!  If you can’t remember the name of the hymn you like you can look it up here!  The United Methodist Church provides a “hymnary” which allows a search of titles, first lines of hymns and even tunes.

This is a great opportunity to share some of the songs that carry great memories, but that don’t get into our bulletin very often!


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