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Supporting our day-to-day ministry in 2020: Make a Pledge

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Our congregation is transforming lives, offering hope in a weary world, and making a difference in our community. This is what God is doing through you in this place. We continue to hear stories of how this congregation is offering hope, healing, and a connection to a loving God. All of this is possible through the generous support of the people who call Highlands United Methodist Church “home.”

As we prepare for ministry that Builds a Home Where All Belong in 2020, I invite your prayerful reflection on how you can support what God is doing in our midst.

What can you offer in the coming year that will help us create something beautiful for the world? We know that there are new needs, new opportunities to engage congregation and community. We need $15,000 growth in pledges to move into our next steps of ministry as a congregation

You will find a secure and easy online pledge card here

Every person’s life is different, yet my request is the same of us all:

Please prayerfully and intentionally reflect on what God can do through what you offer here. Please let us know your intention so we can plan to do great things with it. We have some exciting visions of where our ministry will go with your offering As we continue to build relationship, serve the community, and support one another through life’s ups and downs.

Everything we do is funded by your generosity as a congregation. We plan our day-to-day ministry based on the pledges we receive. Letting us know your intentions for giving in the coming year allows us to prepare a plan for ministry that is responsible. Your pledge is confidential and can change if your circumstances do.

Thank you for all of the ways you make our congregation what it is,

Rev. Bradley Laurvick


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