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Wear Red for Pentecost!

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At Highlands United Methodist Church we wear Red for Pentecost!  It is an outward demonstrations that we can be “On Fire with the Holy Spirit!  This year we will celebrate Pentecost on Sunday, May 24th.

According to Marcia McFee’s article on the website, “Pentecost Sunday represents an ending as well as a beginning, the end of the “Great Fifty Days” of the Easter Season (Pentecost means the 50th day in Greek) and the beginning of the commemoration of the Ascension of Jesus and the descending of the Holy Spirit.”

At Highlands United Methodist Church we celebrate Pentecost by wearing red to church and focusing on the realization of the Holy Spirit moving within us.

Just this week Church Members demonstrated their passion for the church as we painted the Hallways readying the building for New Carpet that is possible because of generous donations!  On Sunday, other members of Highlands United Methodist Church volunteered to take on the tasks needed for Family Promise,  an outreach Ministry for Families who have temporarily lost their homes.  These are outward signs that the Holy Spirit is moving in the members of HUMC.

As we contemplate how the Holy Spirit moves within and through us this year, think about what sets your passion “ablaze” with the Spirit or at least “warms your heart”.  Let us give thanks for who were are and for all of the possibilities we can share as the Holy Spirit moves in our lives.

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