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More than a preschool…
Early Childhood Education through Nature Exploration

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A Monday – Friday, 7:30 – 5:30 program


Our Philosophy

We are pleased that you have chosen to explore ninaBees Early Learning Center for your child.  Our goal is to provide a stimulating, sensitive environment that supports the child’s social, emotional, physical, and cognitive growth.  Our objective is to partner with families to provide a strong foundation for their child’s development.  We are so much more than a preschool.

We believe that children learn through active hands on involvement with materials and activities. During active play, a child’s mind, body, and emotions develop, and true learning takes place. We encourage children to be independent in basic care routines because these routines can provide as much opportunity for meaningful learning to occur as experiences planned in the interest areas of the classroom.

Children learn to get along with others through positive, caring, cooperative interactions with children and adults.  We encourage children to make choices, communicate thoughts and feelings in a positive way, and accept responsibility for actions, to ensure the child learns social skills that will last a lifetime.

Who We Are

ninaBees is a state certified and licensed preschool.

Staff Qualifications

We are a very highly trained staff.  All teachers are required to have a specific degree pertaining to Early Childhood and fifteen hours of yearly continuing education. They must pass a background check, be CPR and 1st Aid trained and demonstrate knowledge of our emergency procedures.  Our child to teacher ratio is 8:1 or less, and Ms. Geri and Ms. Sophie, our co teachers and directors, have over 30 years combined Early Childhood experience.

Potty Training

Children must be independently potty trained and able to complete this task on their own for privacy reasons.


All children must be completely immunized and up to date on all vaccinations.  This is for the protection of infants and pregnant mothers.

School Snow Policy

We follow Denver Public Schools on closures.  Snow days will be posted on television stations, the answering machine, and the website.  Closures are made with the safety of children and families in mind. ninaBees does not have a delayed start.

School Calendar

ninaBees follows a year round calendar observing a Christmas and Spring break.

Parent Visitation and Involvement

Parents are encouraged and most welcome at ninaBees.  Teachers work directly with parents for volunteering.  For safety, visitors must sign-in and wear a visitor’s badge.

Exciting Additions

We have a vegetable garden and flower garden, a worm composting bin, Back to School Night, Halloween Celebration, Thanksgiving Feast, Holidays Around the World Celebrations, Western Week, Friendship Week, Pajama Day, Mother’s Day Tea, Father’s Day Breakfast, Guest Speakers, Parent Workshops and Family Fun Nights.  Come see more of NinaBees today!

Our Commitment to You


ninaBees strives to provide the highest quality care and education, to meet the individual needs of each child and family.


Families can always count on what we say and do. Our goal is to build confidence among our families and create mutual trust and dependability.


We are kind and caring examples to children and encourage them to be kind and caring to others.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a safe and caring environment, while nurturing each child’s emotional, social and academic growth.

Customer Satisfaction

We at ninaBees are dedicated to each and every family, to make this the best possible Preschool experience, from the first visit to graduation day.

For more information on enrolling, contact You can also reach us by phone at 303-455-2770.


ninaBees is location at the corner of 32nd Ave and Osceola St. in the Highlands Neighborhood of Northwest Denver.  Click here for more details on our location.

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